My Stories

My Stories

Here is a list of all the stories that I have written about Olith.


The Chronicles of Olith

Short stories not yet published in a book. You can find them here

Tales of the Seeress

Released March, 2022

The Seeress. The stories about her are countless. Who she is and where she comes from is shrouded in mystery. People say she is the harbinger of good tidings or calamity. The Sage of Elhrub debate about her, the Sutlanders call her "the demon witch," while the Aranians and the elves only have one word for her: friend.
What is known as fact is that the Seeress and her daughters have been influencing Olith for centuries.

Novels and Novellas

Prisoner of the Elves

Not yet released. Title subject to change

Inbul. One of the great minds of Elhrub.
It is known he was made a slave by his own people only to escape and eventually became a scholar only to be betrayed by the king he had sworn loyalty to. Facing death by his own people or the king, Inbul fled and disapeared.
He emerged after five years of hiding with a new way of thinking and new ideologies that help Elhrub rebuild after a century of civil wars set the foundation for the Sage of Elhrub - an organization of sages, scholars and scribes devoted to teaching and preserving knowledge.
But what happened to him during those five years? Where did he go? And who are the Timerialian Elves, who he calls friends, that now seek relations with human neighbors of Elhrub?

Up Coming

These are working titles and may change when they are released.

  • Rise of Witches
  • Amber
  • Sarior and Her Daughters
  • Recordings Of The Sage of Elhrub
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