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Sage of Elhrub
A Dissertation on the Seeress


Often over looked, Mistress Aiode of Jun’kar was a unique force within the Sage of Elhrub.

The only information known about her before she joined The Order was she sought an apprenticeship in 682 when she was fourteen. Being unable to read or write, she was denied.

In 686, she reapplied and was accepted, though it was noted her work was messy and needed refinement. However, by 690, she was one of the most sought after scribes at the Bibliotheca of Jun’kar as she could read and write in fourteen different languages, including the written Elven languages.

Her skill in written languages led her to write several papers on the subject, including a set of primers for learning written languages. These primers were later enhanced by some master sages and are now used to teach new languages to scribes.

She appears to have been drawn to legends as she wrote several essays about them, speculating about their true origins.

In 721 she earned the title 'Mistress Sage' for her works in written language and attempting to teach the masses basic reading and writing.

Her only known work as a master sage was her Dissertation on the Seeress, which was published in 722. This one paper represented a life-time’s work analyzing the Seeress and makes a number of thought provoking conclusions.

Unfortunately, she never gave any speeches on this. The head of Bibliotheca of Jun’kar had arranged for her first talk on this to be in Elhrub with The Inbul in attendance in 723. She died of a seizure while in route.

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