About the World of Olith.

The World of Olith is my fantasy world.

I have enjoyed sci-fi and fantasy as long as I can remember - going back to "Star Trek", "Star Wars" and the animated "Hobbit" back in the 1970's.

Something in these franchises spoke to me and started unlocking my imagination, daring to dream of new worlds and other possibilities. This was further helped by reading War of the Worlds and being introduced to Dungeon and Dragons. It was playing D&D, and other table top games, that my imagination started to really blossom.

It was during this time I was in high school and enjoyed doing some creative writing projects in English. I think if things had turned out a little different back then (mainly a computer crash the night before a major English writing project), I may have not waited thirty years to explore writing.

In the thirty years since, I've had ideas for things to write about, but never made any serious effort at it.

In the last five years though, I've started giving it a try and The World of Olith is a product. You can think of it as my Middle Earth. It is the back drop to most of my fantasy writing.

One reason for doing most of my fantasy writing in Olith is simplicity. I don't have to build a new world, regardless of level of detail, every time I write a new story. I just create the right spot in Olith and go from there.

It also allows me to go deeper. Specifically, what I create isn't done with a single brush stroke, but rather multiple strokes. Each stroke adding more and more to what I've created before.

Finally, I get to play "what if." What if the Library of Alexandria hadn't burned and it was coupled with a network of couriers to spread its contents world wide? What if a group of escaped slave women found a refuge and created their own society? What if?

Even if you don't read any of my stories about Olith and its people, feel free to look around.

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