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The World of Olith

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Welcome to The World of Olith. My fantasy series.

Please excuse the mess, world building is a dirty, time consuming job. But I find it enjoyable.

Here you will find information about Olith and its peoples and histories. Some of this information is taken from my stories about it, while some is background information.

You might say it is much for me as it is for readers as I will also using it as a reference guide for future stories. This, along with my stories, are my canon.

The World of Olith is partly inspired by the anthology series Thieves World created and edited by Robert Lynn Asprin. Here, he created a setting that was used by a number of other authors. What appealed to me about this was the continuity of the world, it gave it depth. Unlike most other fantasy books I had read up to then, you always went to a new world which left them a little flat. So with The World of Olith, I am attempting to recreate that depth. I want readers get to know not just the characters in my stories, but the various groups and places.

Another reason I say The World of Olith is inspired by Thieves World is that I prefer writing short stories. Not that I won't write a full length novel, but I find short stories are more enjoyable for the time spent reading them.

So, come and learn about the world of Olith.

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The Writings of Patrick S. Smith
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The Writings of Patrick S. Smith.

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